Monday, July 23, 2007

Why doesn't Israel just flick Hezbollah away?

I mean seriously, Hezbollah is like a little annoying nat that goes to every place where it shouldn't be. Israel has the power to obliterate Hezbollah in a matter of weeks. But, the problem is that softy of a PM, Israel has in power. We had the chance to destroy Hezbollah from the foudations that it was created but we stopped just short of it. Why did Ehud do that, he had total victory in his grasp but he had to listen to those anti-semites in the UN and order a ceasefire. Now, thanks to Olmert's ignorant decision we still have Sheik Nasrallah still rambling about how his puny little faction can hit any location in Israel. Thanks to Ehud Olmert we may once again have another 34 day war on our hands.

( I know this is not directly related to the US, but since Hezbollah is a terrorist organization and presents a clear threat to American sovereignty I feel it's worth blogging about)


Monday Morning Power said...

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Calista said...

Interesting thoughts, I studied Political Science and I can tell that Middle East affects all of us.

dan said...

in response to the comment you left on,

agreed, even a partial withdrawl would cost thousands of lives, but the fact remains for britain, we may have dipped our fingers in too deep.

not because it was the wrong thing to do, but because we just dont have enough forces.