Monday, July 23, 2007

Obama Rama: What candidates can do to get him off the table

Seriously, this guy is like a thorn in the back , he just never goes away. You always see him riding the media rollercoaster, well this can all come to an end if journalists stop throwing softies at him. I mean honestly i'm surprised the Clinton machine has dug up any dirt yet and no exposive new stories have surfaced yet. But, we don't have to rely on the Clinton's to get the job done, anyone can. Just throw him a well pitched question about the Iraq on why he thinks we should pull out of Iraq when the former Iraqi regime commited mass genocide ( 2 million people found so far) just like the current situation in Africa ( where he wants immediate action).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking out my blog earlier, I like your blog and hopefully will be able to check it often. By the way I hold incredible distrust for Obama as of now it's just a gut feeling hopefully soon I will be able to expose it and post it. thanks again and keep up the good work

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