Friday, November 7, 2008

How the Dems have gone from PUMA to UMA within just three days

"Ironically after portraying the Bush administration as being Hitler like in their evil ways, the Democrats seem to be falling into that category more so as they seek to stifle dissent around America"

President-Elect Barack Obama isn't the only one who has rapidly changed his political idealogies, the Dems have followed suit too just THREE days after the election. The Democraps are now trying to expel Senator Joe Lieberman from the Democratic caucaus for not only being an ardent supporter of once Presidential hopeful Senator John McCain but for also for being perhaps BHO's harshest critic from the Democratic caucus. However, there's no denying that besides possibly the Iraq War and the Global War on Terror per se, that Senator Liberman has always been a left-ward leaning politician who identifies himself with the party (He's still a registered Democrat).

My question is this, what happened to the call for unity that the Democrats rallied behind after the elections had concluded. Is this the infamous bravado we once witnessed just 5 years ago from the Democratic politicians who backed the President on the Iraq war and just a year later abandoned a ship that was still afloat?

Also the fact the liberals in this country have a burning desire to stifle dissent from within their own party by expeling them and possibly censor Conservative commentators such as Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity with the Fairness Doctrine is quite frightening. I find it quite ironic that they painted Bush out to be this Hitler-like monster meanwhile the Democrats themselves are falling into that category already!

If BHO plans to deliver on any of the promises he made during his great victory speech on Tuesday night, he has to slap those power-abusing imbeciles around and get his party on a short leash. Because clearly they're mal intentioned and will only undermine anything he plans to do with their inane rhetoric.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Expect alot of "Breaking News" to pop up about the Iraq War soon.

Well, we all are anticipating seeing General Petraeus’s report on the significant progress made in Iraq in September, but there is a rather large crowd that would like to dilute the smell of victory as much as possible, yes we like to call them the Democrats and the liberal media. I can guarantee you stuff that hasn't even caught headlines will catch as much spotlight as possible in futile effort to bash the Bush administrations successful plan to stem violence in top priority regions. But, I have faith in the message this report will send and I hope it shows the American people that all victory requires is just a little patience.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hillary plays the flip flop game

Well, Hillary is officially the new John Kerry, after repeat offences I think its safe to say she is now a fully commited flip flopper. She actually says Iraq is making progress, no thats not possible!How can that be?

The new Hillary:

The old Hillary(First voice):

Monday, August 20, 2007

Global Warming: Is it real or is it a myth?

Lets just list a few facts here

-Global Warming is still considered a theory.
-Can either be a phase in weather (earth is known for having its ups and downs)
-Could be caused by man
-Or it could be caused by rays from space (yes, it sounds silly but that’s where scientists are pointing to.

Well, after just bulleting down those ideas, I think as of now it is safe to say there is no such thing yet! I don't want to jump to conclusions like many people have because is no hard evidence that points to this "Global Warming". The typical answer is, " Have you seen those glaciers collapsing?” Well, yes I have, but there’s one more fact you’re missing here. While the edges are glaciers are melting, the middle of the glaciers are getting thicker. Also, glaciers are forming in places where they haven't been found before.

While, I'm not trying to bash any of the global warming supporters out there, I will say this, it is important for both sides not to jump to any conclusions until we can actually piece the puzzle together.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Disgusted with Hollywood

I recently went to go see the Bourne Ultimatum ( which was a great movie by the way) and was disgusted with what I saw in one of the trailers. It was about a man who was kidnapped by the NSA and thrown into a secret prison but he wasn't a terrorist (they had the wrong guy). Well, his wife knows that the government has something to do with this and she accusses them and blablabla.

My main point is, why is Hollywood producing these kind of movies? Do they want to create massive hysteria around an already sensitive issue that is a vital key in saving American lives by releasing totally false propaganda? You may think to yourself that this is just a movie, but there are people and politicians that will cite this movie as a credible source for their arguement. I'm sick of how at every oppurtunity, Liberals are making money at the expense of American lives!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Why we need to end the border issue once and for all

We all know by now all the hoopla surrounding this issue, but we cannot seem to come to a definitive solution that will close this never ending book. Why is it that every meeting on this issue always has to end in a cliffhanger? We need to build that fence now! I don't care if Mexican, purple, or orange, we need to setup a thorough identification process to ensure that every immigrant to this country is not a terrorist and pays his taxes. I encourage as much immigration as possible; it's what keeps America ticking. But, we can't have people cheating the system by not paying taxes or even worse security breaches.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The American people: smothered by a veil of Liberalism

How often do you hear of positive news in Iraq? Exactly, almost zero to none(theres plenty of it to combat all the violence). Thats my point here ladies and gentlemen, when do we ever hear about the positive news in this country. All you hear are the flaws and "evils" of this country. Do we ever hear about the all the good we do world wide? Of course, you may see that little segment about it on that little CNN ticker. But, all the major problems get the cover stories, " How the American government failed to react properly to Hurricane Katrina" blah blah blah. However, let me ask you this, when have you ever seen media coverage on the heroism, dedication, and bravery that those National Guardsmen provided on the spot? You never get to see that dramatic rescue of a child being rescued from the roof of her house. All you see are wrecked homes, flooded towns with parts of house left astray, and abandoned shops. Wouldn't you like to hear the heroism and valor of the soldiers in Iraq that just won a battle? Or would you rather hear about those young soldiers getting killed by an IED. What we need here folks is a quality that is lacking on most media outlets, called BALANCE. We need more media outlets that display both sides of the story fairly, to keep us the American public well informed. I'm sick and tired of having to use a search engine everytime to get the other half of the story or to read something positive in the news.


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