Sunday, August 19, 2007

Disgusted with Hollywood

I recently went to go see the Bourne Ultimatum ( which was a great movie by the way) and was disgusted with what I saw in one of the trailers. It was about a man who was kidnapped by the NSA and thrown into a secret prison but he wasn't a terrorist (they had the wrong guy). Well, his wife knows that the government has something to do with this and she accusses them and blablabla.

My main point is, why is Hollywood producing these kind of movies? Do they want to create massive hysteria around an already sensitive issue that is a vital key in saving American lives by releasing totally false propaganda? You may think to yourself that this is just a movie, but there are people and politicians that will cite this movie as a credible source for their arguement. I'm sick of how at every oppurtunity, Liberals are making money at the expense of American lives!


Bob Johnson said...

I agree, but isn't your hollywood made up mostly of liberals? so it should be no surprise, right?

TacticalGamer17 said...

But, still it comes down to a point where for the sake of the country this bashing just has to end...and we have to all stand united

I'm mean were fighting a war here and it just looks bad when our boys are dying and there bashing the American people left and right.