Thursday, July 26, 2007

The American people: smothered by a veil of Liberalism

How often do you hear of positive news in Iraq? Exactly, almost zero to none(theres plenty of it to combat all the violence). Thats my point here ladies and gentlemen, when do we ever hear about the positive news in this country. All you hear are the flaws and "evils" of this country. Do we ever hear about the all the good we do world wide? Of course, you may see that little segment about it on that little CNN ticker. But, all the major problems get the cover stories, " How the American government failed to react properly to Hurricane Katrina" blah blah blah. However, let me ask you this, when have you ever seen media coverage on the heroism, dedication, and bravery that those National Guardsmen provided on the spot? You never get to see that dramatic rescue of a child being rescued from the roof of her house. All you see are wrecked homes, flooded towns with parts of house left astray, and abandoned shops. Wouldn't you like to hear the heroism and valor of the soldiers in Iraq that just won a battle? Or would you rather hear about those young soldiers getting killed by an IED. What we need here folks is a quality that is lacking on most media outlets, called BALANCE. We need more media outlets that display both sides of the story fairly, to keep us the American public well informed. I'm sick and tired of having to use a search engine everytime to get the other half of the story or to read something positive in the news.


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Monday Morning Power said...

Most bloggers just take off for a while and you never know it they are coming back. It is nice to actually announce that you are taking a leave of absence. I have to be sure that my links are to active sites and that their quality stays high.

Karen said...

Hi ! I am so sorry. I only just saw your comment that you left in July because I logged on to kill my blog since no-one was reading it.

It was But I have other blogs at and If you would like to visit and consider a link exchange, I'll be most happy to.

And yes, strokes aren't the end of life, but it would be a lot better to prevent it first !

BillyWarhol said...

interesting U failed to mention BUSH*



Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Keep-up the Good Fight, brudda! Never let go on your reach to Heaven on this disgusting, whorizontal world!! God bless. See ya soon.