Thursday, July 26, 2007

Comment of the week

This is something I've been keeping ina privy place up until now, yes the first ever comment of the week. Its simple post a comment that's intriguing and you just my find yourself in a post.You will balso have an answer/anaylysis from me to go along with your qoute!

NeoAuteur said...

"The networks should limit the number of participants. I want to see some serious face-off between leading candidates.

Thanks for visiting my site."

Answer: I find that this would not only boost viewings around the country, it will also allow each politician to be questioned thoroughly to expose weaknesses etc.. Going back to the viewings, the debate a few nights ago brought in about 2 and a half million viewers! I thought it was stupid and silly, but throw in NeoAutuer's idea and the amount of viewers will definitely go through the roof.

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