Wednesday, July 25, 2007

18 months until the unkown

Some may view this number as a Godsend but I view it as the unknown. It is the amount of time President Bush has left in office. While some could argue his handling of the Iraq war ( I believe it was justified and fully support it), you have to admit everything else have been good. The stock market is great hitting record numbers and the economy is strong. His tax cuts are something that everyone benefits from and unemployment is very low (4%). Not to mention he has kept this country virtually terror-free which is a very hard thing to do considering the size of this country. One thing that I will definintely miss about him, was that one quality were he always said what he was going to do and never strayed from it. Something that almost every politician lacks. 18 months down the road we won't know what to expect for better or for worse ( I hope its the first of the two!)

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Livingsword said...

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