Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Have American politicians taken debating too far?

Well, if you may not know CNN held another debate yesterday, yes another one of these unimportant waste of an hour showings.. I mean seriously it isn't even election year and theres already been a handful of debates? I enjoy watching politicial debates, but it has gotten to the point where its tototally ludicrous and unnneeded. I mean in my opinion this excessive debating has done the exact opposite of what politicians want, it has gotten them tired of the 2008 election year..

PS: CNN don't hold that stupid youtube questionaire thing again, it makes American politics look like a bad comedy show ( Which can sometimes be the case in this country).


dan said...

sure! (link swap) i'll put you on mine now.

YHO said...

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NeoAuteur said...

The networks should limit the number of participants. I want to see some serious face-off between leading candidates.

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