Friday, November 7, 2008

How the Dems have gone from PUMA to UMA within just three days

"Ironically after portraying the Bush administration as being Hitler like in their evil ways, the Democrats seem to be falling into that category more so as they seek to stifle dissent around America"

President-Elect Barack Obama isn't the only one who has rapidly changed his political idealogies, the Dems have followed suit too just THREE days after the election. The Democraps are now trying to expel Senator Joe Lieberman from the Democratic caucaus for not only being an ardent supporter of once Presidential hopeful Senator John McCain but for also for being perhaps BHO's harshest critic from the Democratic caucus. However, there's no denying that besides possibly the Iraq War and the Global War on Terror per se, that Senator Liberman has always been a left-ward leaning politician who identifies himself with the party (He's still a registered Democrat).

My question is this, what happened to the call for unity that the Democrats rallied behind after the elections had concluded. Is this the infamous bravado we once witnessed just 5 years ago from the Democratic politicians who backed the President on the Iraq war and just a year later abandoned a ship that was still afloat?

Also the fact the liberals in this country have a burning desire to stifle dissent from within their own party by expeling them and possibly censor Conservative commentators such as Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity with the Fairness Doctrine is quite frightening. I find it quite ironic that they painted Bush out to be this Hitler-like monster meanwhile the Democrats themselves are falling into that category already!

If BHO plans to deliver on any of the promises he made during his great victory speech on Tuesday night, he has to slap those power-abusing imbeciles around and get his party on a short leash. Because clearly they're mal intentioned and will only undermine anything he plans to do with their inane rhetoric.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Business as usual huh? Yep, this doesn't surprise me. Once elected all they care about is themselves and getting elected again. Period. Have a great weekend. :)

Max said...

Hello Joe!

Thank you for having dropped by my blog and left an invitation :D!

The Dems do need to review how they intend to proceed with Senator Lieberman - I understand that the party might feel betrayed; but I also believe that in a democracy a person is free to support whichever candidate they feel to be in consonance with its political ideals. ´

Now, the Dems need to be sure that Senator Lieberman is willing to work for the country and work together with the President Elect in order to solve the mess the country is in. If he is, I see no reason for ostracising the senator.